Late Shri Ram Singh (Babuji)

Founder Message

The aim of education is physical and mental development of the child with purity, moral development which includes humanity along with patriotism so that our country gets the highest position in the world. Only by being educated can we get our rights and on the basis of morality, along with equality and patriotism, we respect all religions, that is, our aim is to develop the intellectual of all religions and castes.

That is why it is said that children are the future of the country, in this order we have established this school. The support and love of all you parents is very important in this campaign.

Founded By
Late Shri Ram Singh (Babuji)

Sky Touch Convent School

A school is both the educational institution and building designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students under the direction of teachers. Most countries have systems of formal education, which is sometimes compulsory Sky Touch Convent SchooL is an English Medium school affiliated to Govt. upto Senior Secondary classes (8th) and functions according to the CBSE norms. It provides education by implementing modern technologies at a comparatively low cost. Our school is located at Subhash Nagar ,Dibdiba,Teh:-Bilaspur, a place away from the town with less pollution but not in remote place S.T.C.School is an independent school and not attached to any other school. The courses of study are the same as prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It imparts child psychology and exchanges ideas with the children completely in English medium. It provides not only learning environment that inspires and motivates children but also encourages them to explore limitless possibilities in their quest of knowledge

Admission Proccess

All applications for admission must be made on the prescribed form (enclosed with this prospectus) only. Application for Std I must be submitted on the date mentioned on the form. All admissions in other classes will be accepted after a qualifying test in English, mathematics and Science/EVS excluding Nursery to 8th.


1. Copy of Birth Certificate
2. Four copies of passport size colour photograph of the student.
3. Progress Report and Transfer Certificate from previous (last studied) school.
4. Two copies of passport size colour photograph of father, mother.
5. ID proof of parents.



The classrooms are designed with keeping safety in mind. Students are actively involved in their learning through presentations made by teachers. For the primary section, particularly, the furniture and equipment has been chosen with utmost care and every room is provided with classroom resources necessary for each age level.


1. Our school is under CCTV surveillance to eradicate any sort of obnoxious activity by anyone.
2. We provide a comfortable transport facility attached with G.P.S system.
3. We provide Speak-O-pen along-with study books for students from Nursery to UKG.
4. Also Syllabus based TAB, CD and pen drive is provided for students from Nursery to Class VIII students.

 admission open 2024-2025