Mr.Sachin Sagar

Managing Director's Message

“Sky Touch Convent School is continuously moving towards progress in the field of education with the cooperation of all of you. Apart from the curriculum, the trained teachers of the school provide students with educational, intellectual and ideological knowledge through modern and computer education system. Our aim is to establish education on the forward path in the "embodiment" of ideal cultured competition. The method of education and the discipline system of the last two decades are the same as the present one”I believe that making a student addicted to coaching/tuition hinders the student's memory power, academic development and his/her efforts to acquire knowledge and indirectly creates a house of despair in the student's mind. The student becomes dependent on the teacher of the tuition class for the work given to him by the school to study or practice, this becomes the reason for the student becoming weak in intelligence and education.

Teachers and parents should work together for the all-round development and future building of children. There is an absolute need for every parent to take care of their children, motivate them to study regularly, inspect their curriculum and keep the school teachers responsibly informed about the progress of their children. One by the school management every day after holidays.The free one-hour class is conducted for weaker students.Come let the children study and practice on their own not only in school but also at home. If you inspire, the student's, your and our dreams will definitely come true.

 admission open 2024-2025