Our Vision

A company’s culture must align with its core values in order to create a shared, enduring and positive environment for all clients. We believe in the : Our primary duty is to inculcate positive virtues like courage , vitality, sensitiveness and creativity in children so that they grow into visionary leaders of upright character. Education in its real sense implies acquisition of knowledge, developing powers of reasoning and character building there by, transforming one into an enlightened human being. Nuclear age of today demands education to transcend (exceed) from its traditional role to fuse the modern day student with scientific temperament, while retaining our core values to prepare him for the task of nation building which is the crying need of the hour. We at RMPS endeavor (attempt) to build upright citizens who aspire for a higher and a better life, guest for knowledge, perfection and spread of universal brotherhood. Also we provide quality education at affordable cost by the use of modern and progressive educational techniques to achieve excellence in studies and all round development of students to make them good citizens of our country.

 admission open 2024-2025